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Due to the Jay Bates 2 YouTube video , the demand for Mortise Master TM  has been incredible. I have only 3 units left as of 1 pm today eastern time. When they are gone it will be 2-4 weeks until the next batch is completed (bummer). If I am sold out I will not take your money and back order. Go to the contact page and drop me an email and as soon as I get stock I will let you know.

I apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

Thanks for your Interest in Mortise Master TM !


Sold out 3 pm yesterday. My Email is blowing up with potential customers wanting a Mortise Master TM. I hate having to say no to people. Not because of the money. I just don't like disappointing people. I know how it is when I want something and can't get it. More material should be here Monday and I can start a new batch. Also I added a button on the shop page to download the user guide to give people more information about it. Thanks!


I picked up more Lexan yesterday so I'll begin making the next batch of slide plates today. Also I hope to have a video on the site soon that goes a little deeper into Mortise Master than Jay could. I don't mind telling you that making Mortise Masters are easier than making Mortise Master videos. ha ha. Also, I know I need a privacy policy. I will not share your Information. The thing is it's stored on WIX who does my web site so I don't have control over what they do with it.?? Thanks!


Yesterday I got enough slide plates done for two more batches of MMs. Today I will try to finish a video that goes into more detail about MM set up and operation. I want to get that on the web site ASAP because I don't think the site currently explains usage well at all. After that I plan a tips and trouble shooting video. My son set up an Instagram and YouTube Channel but I don't have a clue how to use it yet. I think he is going to put some stuff up for me. My concentration is to get orders filled. Tomorrow I'll pick up the Sapele for the clamp plates and start making the stops. I have enough pre-order emails to fill the next two batches. I have been asked how many are in a batch. I think I'd prefer to keep that to myself for now. Lets just say I do as many at a time as my garage shop space can handle. It reminds me of chief Brody in Jaws "Were going to need a bigger boat!". When I get the next batch done I will announce here and send an email reply to the pre-order emails when and what time they will go on sale. Then it will be first come first serve. I will do that a couple of days in advance to give everyone a equal chance to order one on the web site. I hope to be finished with the next batch in 1 week but we will see. People have said "Don't just cut a mortise, MASTER IT!", "Domino Slayer", "Game Changer", "Best new jig I've seen as long as I can remember.", "Everyone with a plunge router and a wood shop needs one of these". Thanks for everyone's kind comments and enthusiasm!

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