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Mortise Master is a simple but innovative patent pending woodworking tool for creating awesome mortises for loose tenon joinery and more.

Mortise Master creates awesome mortises quickly, easily and accurately using a plunge router, guide bushing, wood clamps and mortising bit. Whether you need joinery that is flush, centered, or with a reveal, double tenons, through tenons, extra-large or extra-small, Mortise Master has you covered.

And the good thing is, it’s fast and it's simple with very little layout required. And set up is a snap!

Each Mortise Master is a hand crafted quality tool. Made from beautiful solid, stable mahogany topped off with a gorgeous hand rubbed Danish Oil finish. The laser engraved slide plate and stops are made of tough polycarbonate. The machined aluminum T-glides mated with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) bearing blocks ensure smooth, friction free operation for the life of the tool.

Mortise Master is a quality tool and a great value. A tool that will be an integral part of your wood shop year after year.

Try one out for 30 days, if you don’t think it’s the greatest, send it back for a refund of the purchase price. Go to the support page and download the user guide for more insight into the Mortise Master!

Mortise Master is truly a game changer!

It's guaranteed to put a woodworking smile on your face!

Orders received before 5 PM are usually shipped next business day and shipping is FREE in contiguous lower 48 states.

(Porter Cable Style Guide Bushing Included)

See Mortise Master in action on Tool Talk #17 on Jay's Custom Creations 2 YouTube Channel 

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