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Hello, my name is Don Browning

Thanks for visiting my Mortise Master website

I started woodworking in 2010. I started slowly like most hobbyist making keepsake boxes and other small projects. After graduating to furniture and larger projects I became frustrated creating typical mortise and tenon joints. I wanted to use a free or loose tenon system utilizing my plunge router. I tried out several jigs and was not really happy with any of them. I didn't like how limiting they were and felt they had lack of flexibility. That's when I said, "I think can do better!". So, I started developing Mortise Master.


After a couple of years of trial and refinement I finally feel I have something I can be proud to offer my fellow woodworkers. I have gone through many different versions before arriving on the current design. It is very simple to use and requires almost no set up time. All you need is a plunge router, mortising bit and standard wood shop clamps.


The Mortise Master is hand crafted in my home shop and I take pride in this product. If after buying a Mortise Master you are unsatisfied for any reason I will be happy to refund your purchase price. However, I think you will love your Mortise Master and that it will be an integral part of your wood shop for years to come.

Thank You


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